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Women ask me questions all the time. Here are answers to some that might interest you!


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Image Consultant for Women


I had my colors analyzed several years ago. I am a __________. Fill in the blank with your season – spring, summer, autumn or winter. Is this still valid?


I am asked this one the most! I too, had my colors assessed about twenty-five years ago. I was a winter. I think I still have my swatch book!


The answer is no. The seasonal system is seriously outdated.


Today, you want to have your individual colors assessed. Just as there are no two people exactly alike, there is no one-color palette for everyone. If you want to look your best, it is vital to get your personalized color palette.


Generally, have your colors assessed every five to ten years. As we age, our skin and hair coloration change, and even our eyes may change color! Also, if you change your hair color, you colors will also need to be re-assessed to match your new look.


Why is it important to have my colors analyzed?


When you wear your best colors, you look more radiant, energetic, younger and healthier. In today’s highly competitive market place, knowing your best colors means you can make the best impression for a job interview, a meeting with a major client, a negotiation or any other action that is vital to your career or business.

You get a bonus too – It is just plain fun!


What does a complimentary telephone consultation look like?


It is a time where we get to know each other in a relaxed, conversational way. I will ask you some questions to clarify your individual needs and answer any questions you have. We talk for about 30 minutes.


Can I afford an image consultant?


You cannot afford not to have an image consultant. Competition for every job, every client is keen, and you need every advantage you can get.  Your return on investment is quick and assured. You will save time, stress and money with image consulting services. My clients have moved my services to the top of their priority list. And, keep in mind,
you only pay for one appointment or package at a time.


How do you know what to look for when personal shopping for your clients?


First, I only do personal shopping for my established client’s with whom I have had at least two appointments.  I have gained a firm understanding of their body type and their personal style words.


Think of style words as a personal recipe. I have formulated a very specific, realistic shopping list (a plan) and know the client’s budget. When shopping with or for them, I know exactly what color, cut, fabric type, print type and details I am looking for.


You say you work with business and professional women. Will you work with other types of women as well?


Business and professional women are my target market. However, I am happy to work with any woman who values the impact image services can have in every area of their life.


Do you work with men?


No. I choose to work with women only since this is where my passion and expertise are.



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