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Image Consultant for Women


“It was a pleasure and an eye-opener to see Toby’s presentation at our workplace. Toby is thorough, prepared, and a fount of information about details such as correct pant length, skirt length, and how to purchase the right size of panty hose! Toby has taken a very personal topic and given us a common language for those difficult conversations in the work place. Toby is a valued partner for our success as individuals and as a credit union business.”


~ Melanie Ransom, PHR, VP of Human Resources, O Bee Credit Union



“Toby gave an absolutely delightful presentation to the Thurston County Chamber Women’s Referral Group. She shared numerous tips and great advice on how to get that ‘pulled together look’. From the tip of your head to the tip of your shoes, there was something we could all take away and benefit from. Very professional, very worthwhile and I look forward to the next time!”


~ Julie Darby, Director of Business Programs, Thurston County Chamber



“If you are looking to establish or enhance your professional image, or that of your employees or company’s image, I highly recommend Toby Parsons of It’s Your Image. She is an engaging speaker who understands the importance of a company’s brand image and a professional working image in the business world. Through great examples in an informative presentation, Toby provided our associates with valuable information directly applicable to banking professionals.


She stressed the importance of making a great first impression, especially in today’s competitive market, and presented on various topics including dressing for success, image breakers, and various personality styles. As banking professionals, it is important that our associates and company are taken seriously. Toby helped our employees see the impact we make with the image that we portray. She is an excellent business partner with a passion for helping people and businesses succeed, and I would highly recommend her as your image and brand consultant.”


~ Crystal Prida, Executive Assistant/Project Manager First Citizens Bank



“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. The girls all told me how much they enjoyed it. Mrs. Cummings said you were the 'Julie Andrews of etiquette'! She loved the presentation as well. I was glad that a mom was there so she can now explain to the other mothers that it is so much more than just what fork to use. I hear etiquette belittled a lot and equated with snobbery, and I try to explain its importance in society and how it ties in with our faith, but after hearing the presentation, Mrs. Cummings will really be able to underscore the importance of civility and that it is not about snobbery, but about charity towards your neighbor. Maybe you need a class to convince parents why they need to teach their children etiquette!”


~ Peggy Gagliardi



“What a treat to experience YOU today and the Gagliardi's home! I learned many things that are sure to make living with others and myself much more pleasant. I also learned that people really are destined to do particular works with their lives. You are such an embodiment of the ideals you espouse; I am truly inspired to keep learning about what makes me ME!”


~ Rebecca Cummings