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"We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?" 
~ Nelson Mandela

Toby teaches workshops for homemakers, business owners and all professional women. She also offers a valuable course for mothers and daughters. Regardless of our role in life, each of us has this in common – we all desire to look our personal best!




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Enrollment will be limited!
Early registration is recommended


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Workshops can be customized and are available for private or professional on-site presentations and events. Contact Toby for more information.







Image Consulting Workshops and Services



Your Image Matters


“Once a woman knows what to do, and how to do it, she’s practically unstoppable."

~ Marnie Swedberg


Your image makes a significant difference!  In Your Image Matters, Toby will reveal a myriad of reasons as to why your image is vitally important to your personal, social and professional growth.  We will address first and lasting impressions, different body shapes, the use of line and color to emphasize strengths and camouflage weak areas, proper fit, how to determine your ideal prints and more. These elements combine to improve and polish your appearance and to help you achieve your goals. Details do complete a package.  Walk away from the mirror with confidence every day! Join us for this action-packed, educational workshop! 


Image Consulting Workshops and Services



Discover Your Style
Personality Styles for Mothers, their Daughters & Individual Women


“Above all, to thine own self be true”
~ William Shakespeare


Discover Your Style is an enlightening class for mothers and daughters, and has also been developed for individual women who might be in a time of transition or new season of life.  If you have never known what your particular style is or if you would simply like to re-define your style, this workshop is created for you. Discover Your Style will give you greater understanding and appreciation for differing personal styles and can dramatically reduce or eliminate clothing conflicts between mothers and their daughters.  Each class participant will be able to discern their own individual look, and mom, you will have new tools to guide your daughter as she develops or perfects her style. Learn about various wardrobe issues that matter and why they are so important. You will exit from Discover Your Style with new vision and inspiration!


Daughter’s age 12 to 17 attend free of charge!  Minimum age to attend- 12 years old.




Image Consulting Workshops and Services





“Accessories explain who you are as a person”
~ Clinton Kelly


In this fun and informative workshop, we will discuss your earrings to your shoes and everything in between. Accessories are a powerful communicator and a smart way to personalize your style. Learn what jewelry works best for your personality, bone structure, face shape and facial features. Discover your perfect necklace length. Know what the best strap width and details are for your handbags and shoes. Once you have participated in this Accessories workshop, you will never view your accessories the same again!





Image Consultant for Women

"Toby blessed me in many ways:


image consultant washinton By de-cluttering my closet, which felt like de-cluttering my life.
(I re-gifted three enormous bags.)
image consultant washinton By simplifying and streamlining my wardrobe so that choosing something to wear became easy and fun...without buying anything!
image consultant washinton

By helping me to know what looks and feels good on me and why.  It is a happy feeling to need less and enjoy more of my clothes. Thank you Toby!"


~ Sheryl, Homemaker


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