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Socially Smart & Savvy

Contributing Author - Toby Parsons


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Socially Smart & Savvy
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Being Socially Smart and Savvy is much more than handing out business cards or knowing which fork to use at a formal dinner. It is about creating a consistently recognizable personal brand, communicating effectively, building a network you can rely on and presenting the right image every time.


This incredible resource is packed with great ideas to make you socially smart and savvy. Whether you are experienced professional, a new college graduate just starting out in a new leadership role, you are about to discover how to maximize your image and leverage our contacts to grow and prosper personally and professionally.


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Table of Contents


Who Are You?
Personal Branding – Is What We See,
What We Get?

By Sharon J. Geraghty, AICI FLC


Your Image Matters – How and Why
By Toby Parsons


Are You Ready for Your Close-up?
Best Style Practices for the Camera
By Thea Wood, AICI, MBA


Savvy Interaction
By Katrina Van Dopp, MAS, CHBC, AICI FLC

Poised Under Pressure
By Margaret Jackson


Business Smarts
The Essential Social Graces to Know in Business – and Beyond
By Evelyn Lundstrom, AICI CIP


Social Mixology 101
Meet, Mix & Make the Most of Your Connections
By Rachel Estelle


Styleguru Mantra for
Solutions Inherent in You

By Pankaj Sabharwal


Influence – How to Create It,
How to Keep It

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

The Language of Shopping
By Shai Thompson


Suits to Suit
How to make your suit work for you
By Annalisa Armitage, AICI CIP


Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!
By Veronica Purvis


Love the Space You’re In!

Creating the Space that Reflects Who You Are
By Linnore Gonzales, CID, Green AP


Be Technologically Savvy
By Karen Kennedy


The Etiquette of Dining
By Anita Shower


Entertaining and Being the Gracious Host
Life is a celebration!
By Sharon Ringier, PWC


Wine Saavy
Business and Social Wine Smarts
By Jennifer Chou


Self-Change through Self-Love
Manifest the Body and Life of Your Dreams
By Kat Kim CPC, ACE