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Toby works with business and professional women over 40 to help them shine at home and lead in the workplace. Her clients rely on her keen eye for detail and perceptive ability to create a unique wardrobe that reflects the client’s personal clothing style and lifestyle. Her unsurpassed commitment to them is Toby’s hallmark.



Toby Parsons - It's Your Image
Toby Parsons

Showcase Your Best Self


Your appearance has the power to enhance and transform your life. Knowing how to put together and present your best assets allows you to achieve your personal and professional goals. It is easy to get dressed and showcase your best self once you gain a new understanding of your body type, clothing style, best colors and your wardrobe is organized, planned and well managed.


When the image you project is right for your personality, lifestyle and appropriate for the situation, it can:


  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Increase your credibility with clients, customers and colleagues
  • Enhance the way others view you and your professionalism


“Your Image is either a bridge or a barrier...”
~ Deborah King


First impressions are formed in a matter of seconds. Lasting impressions are based on the consistency of your appearance. Your appearance never takes a break and is silently communicating at all times. Your image is either a bridge or a barrier. Barriers stop us from advancing in life while bridges create opportunities that open life’s doors.


Your appearance tells your story. What story do you want it to tell?


Let Toby be your professional guide. She gives business and professional women what they need to shine at home and lead in the workplace through her full-service wardrobe consulting services. Toby also holds a variety workshops and hosts public and private events.


Enjoy your visit and feel free to contact Toby with your questions or to schedule your complimentary telephone consultation.  


Image Consultant for Women Image Consultant for Women



Image Consultant for Women


“I don’t feel frumpy anymore! Through Toby’s wardrobe assessment and tips for my specific body type, I was amazed at my increased level of confidence. I believe this is a major reason that I was hired for my job. People are complimenting me and asking me questions. I feel at my best and I can’t thank Toby enough!”

~ Judi, Administrative Secretary


Image Consultant for Women


“The image that I had of myself on the inside, is now shining through on the outside as well! I didn't realize how hidden and blah I had become. My makeover experience produced confidence and educational benefits that will last me a life time. Your consultations have been life changing! Thank you so very much!”

~ Leigha, Management Support Assistant


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